4 hair masks you can make at home


Taking care of your hair is vital because it is almost like your business card. It is part of the three things people usually see when glancing at someone for the first time: the hair, eyes, and skin. So you should invest time into making sure it is healthy, well fed and that it has all the secret weapons to fight off pollution and cold weather.

The way to do that is by applying a proper hair mask at least once a day. And the great thing about hair masks is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on brand products. You could make them yourself at home with all natural ingredients that cost a fraction of what it would cost you if you were to buy them from a drug store.

An excellent thing about this is that they end up being much healthier as well because you’ll have absolute control over the ingredients you put into the mixture. This way, you can say goodbye to artificial colorants, heavy chemicals and to other elements that could potentially damage your scalp if used too often.

The first mask needs just one ingredient. However, it is one that actually works, which makes this one of the lightest hair masks out there. I am talking about coconut oil. It is something most hairdressers recommend because it feeds the hair follicle, and it gives your hair that shine you see in most commercials. Buy yourself a jar of pure coconut oil and apply an even layer once a week to the roots of your hair. Let the mixture sit like that for at least an hour, shampoo your hair and then rinse it with warm water.

The second hair mask we recommend is a mixture of avocado and egg yolk. Use half of an avocado and two egg yolks, put them in a blender and shake them up. Apply the resulting paste to your dry or wet hair for one hour, and then wash it off with your favorite shampoo. You will be surprised just how moist and soft your hair will feel after a few weeks of using this mask regularly.

Another healthy hair mask recipe involves yogurt, olive oil, and honey. Mix one tablespoon of high-quality olive oil with two spoons of honey and half a cup of yogurt. Apply the content to damp hair and allow it to hydrate your hair for forty-five minutes. Rinse and wash with clean water, and then let your hair dry naturally.

The last mask is also composed of just one ingredient. It’s apple cider vinegar, and it is perfect if your scalp is itchy and if you have hair that gets tangled easily. It is full of vitamins, and its acidic properties will help balance the pH of your scalp. Apply it to your hair for thirty minutes, rinse and clean. The next step is to try every one of them and see which works best for you.