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  • Rock Art Studio

    Born and raised on the northwest side of Chicago, artist, instructor, and gallery-owner Christina (Tina) Murphy has dedicated her life to the arts. Over the course of her 30+ year career, Tina has practiced many medium including watercolor, charcoal and ceramics. As long as she remembers, she has had her hands in clay! Since the […] 1 Comment
  • June Hankins

    STUDIO 315 June is a native Detroit / Hamtramck life long artist who possesses a background in Fashion Design and Functional Metal Sculpture. Her new Dog Fantasy Portrait series (acrylic paintings) captures her ~ or your favorite dog in a whimsical setting with added soft sculpture that she has created and sewn on the canvas. […] No Comments
  • Hiromi Tanaka

    STUDIO 205 I have always enjoyed observing nature and the world around me. Painting provides me the ideal medium for recording my impressions. My work focuses on the combinations of colors and forms that I encounter every day. I begin each painting with simple iconography that I build upon, layer by layer. It is this […] 2 Comments
  • Karen Gagich

    Studio 339 The Tile Maker Karen is a long time resident of the Flatiron Building. 1 Comment
  • Pop Chicago Gallery

    We represent three of the most prominent and currently active Pop Artists, who exhibit their work across the United States and all over the world. Plan a visit to the gallery to see their dynamic work, as well as some Classic Pop pieces from some of the masters of the Pop Art genre. Pop Chicago […] No Comments
  • Pawel Ciochon

    STUDIO 202 Where dreams become real Translucid multicolored elements caught in glass like resin like dream catchers. The new work of Pawel Ciochon with a permanent address in the building after a few years of showing with other artists in other studios and hallways around the building. Pawel, 42, originaly from a little town in […] No Comments
  • Slawek Murawski

    STUDIO 202 Very often I ask myself the question: “Why do I feel the need and desire to create? Do the powers of creativity exist in every human being?” If so, when do those powers emerge and what is the strongest motive, impulse of creativity? Each human being is connected with a certain kind of […] No Comments
  • Catawampus

    Catawampus Gallery is an experimental gallery / studio space in the historic Flat Iron Arts Building – Chicago. We feature fine arts, film & video showings, media events, improvisational works, site specific art and live music. Email : Website: facebook link : ( please post as : Catawampus facebook Page ) Office: […] No Comments
  • Ivan Garcia

    Born and raised  Mexico City and Texas Ivan went as a listener at “La Esmeralda, Escuela Nacional de pintura y grabado” where he had the chance to experiment with different medias. A few months ago he moved to Chicago and landed in the Flat Iron Building where he worked for a year. His work -in […] 2 Comments
  • Sapere Art

    Studio 341 Sapere Art is developed by Gary W. Marr, himself an emerging artist who prefers to go with the flow, use varied mediums, change genres from day to day and not follow instructors’ suggestions, but people say he has a great eye. Gary W. Marr Sapere Art/Intuitive Works The Flat Iron Arts Building 1579 […] No Comments
  • Howard Webb

    STUDIO 204 Howard Webb Artist Statement I paint in order to understand without explaining in words. Although words can suggest images it is the images not the explanation I am after. I work to bring the images to the surface as well as awaken to the images already on the surface. Inevitably I usually see […] No Comments
  • Jeffery Reid

    Forget about the end, let’s talk about now. Now is the time to remember the way to be for a better present day. Yes, be like Oprah, Obama, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, or even the Shroud of Turin, if you can – just a little. If you must, just a bit. I urge you, I implore you, I command you to... No Comments
  • Bill Eaton

    Studio 230 Mad scientist, oddities collector extraordinaire, left hemisphere MAC-head. Currently working as a timelord in this dimension painting to save his sanity and to pay the for rent of the tardis-machine he uses as protection from the real world. No Comments
  • Chis Berg

    Chris Berg Gallery Chris Berg studied illustration at the Rotterdam Art Academy. In the 1990s he published several stories in the alternative and smallpress comic magazines POSSE, Incognito and Zone 5300, including ‘Check Your Head’ and ‘Harry’. Together with Bram Spits, he opened his Pinnoccio Revival Centre studio in 1993. He was one of the […] 9 Comments
  • Chris Berg

    Chris Berg’s time-withstanding controversial work of alienation and despair in classical acid style reminiscent of Crumb and story telling right out of a psychedelic twilight episode. 1 Comment
  • Florian Retkouski

    STUDIO 310 This is the most recent work of miniature-ceramic sculptures by Florian, a long time resident of the flatiron building. No Comments