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  • Ivan Garcia

    Born and raised  Mexico City and Texas Ivan went as a listener at “La Esmeralda, Escuela Nacional de pintura y grabado” where he had the chance to experiment with different medias. A few months ago he moved to Chicago and landed in the Flat Iron Building where he worked for a year. His work -in […] 2 Comments
  • Jeffery Reid

    Forget about the end, let’s talk about now. Now is the time to remember the way to be for a better present day. Yes, be like Oprah, Obama, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, or even the Shroud of Turin, if you can – just a little. If you must, just a bit. I urge you, I implore you, I command you to... No Comments
  • Chis Berg

    Chris Berg Gallery Chris Berg studied illustration at the Rotterdam Art Academy. In the 1990s he published several stories in the alternative and smallpress comic magazines POSSE, Incognito and Zone 5300, including ‘Check Your Head’ and ‘Harry’. Together with Bram Spits, he opened his Pinnoccio Revival Centre studio in 1993. He was one of the […] 9 Comments
  • Chris Berg

    Chris Berg’s time-withstanding controversial work of alienation and despair in classical acid style reminiscent of Crumb and story telling right out of a psychedelic twilight episode. 1 Comment