4 hair masks you can make at home


Taking care of your hair is vital because it is almost like your business card. It is part of the three things people usually see when glancing at someone for the first time: the hair, eyes, and skin. So you should invest time into making sure it is healthy, well fed and that it has all the secret weapons to fight off pollution and cold weather.

The way to do that is by applying a proper hair mask at least once a day. And the great thing about hair masks is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on brand products. You could make them yourself at home with all natural ingredients that cost a fraction of what it would cost you if you were to buy them from a drug store.

An excellent thing about this is that they end up being much healthier as well because you’ll have absolute control over the ingredients you put into the mixture. This way, you can say goodbye to artificial colorants, heavy chemicals and to other elements that could potentially damage your scalp if used too often.

The first mask needs just one ingredient. However, it is one that actually works, which makes this one of the lightest hair masks out there. I am talking about coconut oil. It is something most hairdressers recommend because it feeds the hair follicle, and it gives your hair that shine you see in most commercials. Buy yourself a jar of pure coconut oil and apply an even layer once a week to the roots of your hair. Let the mixture sit like that for at least an hour, shampoo your hair and then rinse it with warm water.

The second hair mask we recommend is a mixture of avocado and egg yolk. Use half of an avocado and two egg yolks, put them in a blender and shake them up. Apply the resulting paste to your dry or wet hair for one hour, and then wash it off with your favorite shampoo. You will be surprised just how moist and soft your hair will feel after a few weeks of using this mask regularly.

Another healthy hair mask recipe involves yogurt, olive oil, and honey. Mix one tablespoon of high-quality olive oil with two spoons of honey and half a cup of yogurt. Apply the content to damp hair and allow it to hydrate your hair for forty-five minutes. Rinse and wash with clean water, and then let your hair dry naturally.

The last mask is also composed of just one ingredient. It’s apple cider vinegar, and it is perfect if your scalp is itchy and if you have hair that gets tangled easily. It is full of vitamins, and its acidic properties will help balance the pH of your scalp. Apply it to your hair for thirty minutes, rinse and clean. The next step is to try every one of them and see which works best for you.


The right way to use a flat iron


Every woman in this world wants a perfectly straight hair that is smooth and shiny. The reason why we are so obsessed with this popular hairstyle is that the majority of us have a wavy or curly hair that is difficult to style. Fortunately, thanks to a great invention called the flat iron, we can look great at any given moment of the day. Nevertheless, if you want a healthy hair you should follow some steps to ensure you don’t burn it.

Before straightening your hair, you need to prepare your hair in or to be certain that it ends up looking like it was styled in a salon. Various hair products along with grease, dust, and pollution, can make the hair frizzy and hard to handle.

So, always wash your hair thoroughly before using the flat iron. A clean hair is easier to work with and responds better to the heat of the straightener. In addition, the chances to ruin your hair for good are lowered when your hair is recently washed.

Because you’re going to apply a lot of heat, you need to wash it with a nourishing shampoo and add a conditioner afterward. This leaves your hair soft and untangled, ready for the flat iron. Under no circumstance use this type of tool on wet hair. Always make sure your hair is dry. If you can, leave it to rest for at least an hour before proceeding to use the straightener.


Now, let’s move on to the next step which consists of choosing the flat iron that is suitable for your hair type. You’ll be surprised to learn that there are so many brands and types of flat irons and the market that can make you feel uncertain. However, you need to examine your hair and see if you have dry, regular, or greasy hair. If you don’t opt for the right product, you can damage your hair severely.

Try to get one that features a ceramic coating. Besides the extra shine, this kind of straightener is incredibly gentle with your hair and can be used on a regular basis without having to worry about dried or bristle hair. Next, purchase a styling tool that comes with the perfect size for your hair lengths. A wider iron is great for long hair while a thinner one works great on short hair.

After you’ve washed your hair, blow-dry it and use a comb to detangle the hairs. Then, apply a heat protection spray on the entire length of your hair but avoid the root area. If you apply serums or conditioner onto the root your hair will look all greasy the next day.

Grab pins and divide your hair into layers. Plug in the flat iron and choose a temperature appropriate for your hair. It’s vital that you read the manual guide and follow the instructions. Straighten the hair one strand at the time. Once the styling process is done, you can apply a hydrating oil like coconut or argan oil and rub it gently.


Men and flat irons



When it comes to men using beauty or personal care products, many people still believe it indicates effemination traits, or at least the sort of appearance pretentiousness a real man doesn’t share. But if you pay more attention to the place these prejudicial ideas come from, you’ll see that they are still obsessing over a certain way that a man has to take care of his body and appearance. The fact is men have a lot in common with women when it comes to taking care of their body. Flat irons aren’t necessarily advertised as being strictly destined for female use, but most articles and reviews only talk about “her” curls and locks. Are flat irons only for women? Can’t men use them too?

The truth begins with anatomy. Men have hair on their head, just as women’s do. Some of them grow their hair long, or have curls or have to deal with rebel strands. A flat iron is a tool designed to help people with these challenges style their hair. The next sentence can only be the result of deduction. Men can use this mighty instrument to take care of their hair, just like women can.

Moreover, men’s hair may sometimes require a certain type of straightener, as the majority do keep their hair shorter. Flat irons that are thick are difficult to use too close to the scalp, so those of us with short hair should definitely use a thin-plated straightener. Ceramic, tourmaline or titanium reduce frizziness, and also play a big role in protecting the hair.

Speaking about protection, men’s hair is just as prone to get burnt or damaged because of the heat applied by tools like flat irons and blow dryers. So, just like it’s recommended to women, men must use heat protectant products, in the form of sprays, masks or balms.

Furthermore, men have to be aware of the general rules of using a flat iron. The hair should always be dry, to avoid boiling the water around the strands. Secondly, a straightener won’t do its job, damage if the hair is dirty. And, of course, even if it’s something they don’t usually do, men should use a conditioner after washing, in order to give the hair an optimal level of hydration.

All these being said, you can look up user reviews and expert sites that share info on hair styling options for men.