Chis Berg

Chis Berg

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Chris Berg studied illustration at the Rotterdam Art Academy. In the 1990s he published several stories in the alternative and smallpress comic magazines POSSE, Incognito and Zone 5300, including ‘Check Your Head’ and ‘Harry’. Together with Bram Spits, he opened his Pinnoccio Revival Centre studio in 1993. He was one of the initiators of the comic ‘The Fridge’, that also included work by Michiel de Jong and Milan Hulsing. Since late 1997, he lives and works as an illustrator and painter in Chicago, Illinois.

Chris is a former resident of the Flatiron Building from a few years back. He still lives in Chicago working full time as a freelance artist painting on commissions, doing illustrations for a number of publications and the occasional gig at the bar for corporate beer sponsors.

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