How to make your own jewelry at home

Making your own jewelry is a fun and creative hobby that allows you to actually make a fashion statement that expresses your personality. People like to wear jewelry that complements a certain outfit because it’s the cherry on top that adds flavor.

Even though you might be tempted to think that this type of activity requires a special talent, in reality, it’s all about you being willing to learn about all this crafty art.

The first thing on your list is to determine what type of jewelry are you into and go from there. Since it can be a tad overwhelming because you have almost zero experience in this field, it’s quite unrealistic to have many expectations from yourself. Instead, you should choose one type and learn everything about it.

Some people like to make beaded jewelry, others enjoy metal stamped pieces. It’s all a matter of what you like to wear and what would suit your taste best.

You can opt to work with materials such as leather, glass or clay, depending on your ability to handle them. It’s better to focus on small items at first and after your skills build up, you’ll discover newer techniques and maybe try new styles and fabrics.


No matter what you’re planning to work with, you need to learn the basics. Either it’s beads or clay, they all need some simple knowledge at first, otherwise, you risk damaging the piece and even discouraging yourself from improving your craftsy skills. For example, you should look for information about how to open or close a jump ring and how a simple wire loop is made. Once you start mastering these beginner lessons, you’ll have no problems in getting to advanced jewelry making methods.


Because you can’t make high-quality jewelries without having the proper tools, you need to invest in decent ones from the very beginning. Indeed, you might be just fine in the first couple of weeks with some borrowed wire cutters or pliers that you can find in any toolbox. But the fact is that, if you work with suitable instruments, the job is easier and requires less hassle. You should be prepared to spend a certain budget that will prove a good investment in the long run. This way, you have more freedom to get creative and make more jewelry that you can offer as a gift your friends and family. Maybe even start a new business that turns out to be successful.

The majority of people that want to learn how to make their own jewelry at home have a problem with the terminology. There are several online tutorials that explain the procedures step by step. The only drawback is that it’s hard to understand the difference between an eye pin and a head pin or what is a 12-gauge wire tick feature and so on. If you can, sign up for a special jewelry making class or read various beginner’s guides.