Life Drawing Sessions

Life Drawing Sessions

Please know that JB ArtWorks, in association with Flat Iron Artists’, will begin hosting on-going life drawing/painting classes in the building, in partnership with Kevin Lahvic

Cost is $10 per session (3 hrs); for those of you not wanting to pay cash weekly, punch cards are available for $100 for 11 sessions or $50 for six (one free). Too, I will have fresh coffee and juice available each session.

Sessions will consist of 50 minutes of gestural drawing (five 2-3 minute poses, two five, three ten minute poses); 50 minutes of two fifteen, one twenty min pose; and 50 minutes of long pose (to further allow for the painters in the group to take more advantage of the poses). Down the line we may or may not begin clothed & costumed sessions, something with a theatrical twist.

Perhaps it is a chance to hone skills, create a synergistic, collegiate energy in the building, and even lead to additional artwork for exhibition.  Eventually we might invite discussion in hosting additional sessions on Michigan Ave with our symbiotic brethren at Fine Arts Bldg.

Hoping you will join us or generate interest in the program among friends.  Postcards etc will be available for hand-out. Lastly, I invite reactions, suggestions and queries.


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