Men and flat irons



When it comes to men using beauty or personal care products, many people still believe it indicates effemination traits, or at least the sort of appearance pretentiousness a real man doesn’t share. But if you pay more attention to the place these prejudicial ideas come from, you’ll see that they are still obsessing over a certain way that a man has to take care of his body and appearance. The fact is men have a lot in common with women when it comes to taking care of their body. Flat irons aren’t necessarily advertised as being strictly destined for female use, but most articles and reviews only talk about “her” curls and locks. Are flat irons only for women? Can’t men use them too?

The truth begins with anatomy. Men have hair on their head, just as women’s do. Some of them grow their hair long, or have curls or have to deal with rebel strands. A flat iron is a tool designed to help people with these challenges style their hair. The next sentence can only be the result of deduction. Men can use this mighty instrument to take care of their hair, just like women can.

Moreover, men’s hair may sometimes require a certain type of straightener, as the majority do keep their hair shorter. Flat irons that are thick are difficult to use too close to the scalp, so those of us with short hair should definitely use a thin-plated straightener. Ceramic, tourmaline or titanium reduce frizziness, and also play a big role in protecting the hair.

Speaking about protection, men’s hair is just as prone to get burnt or damaged because of the heat applied by tools like flat irons and blow dryers. So, just like it’s recommended to women, men must use heat protectant products, in the form of sprays, masks or balms.

Furthermore, men have to be aware of the general rules of using a flat iron. The hair should always be dry, to avoid boiling the water around the strands. Secondly, a straightener won’t do its job, damage if the hair is dirty. And, of course, even if it’s something they don’t usually do, men should use a conditioner after washing, in order to give the hair an optimal level of hydration.

All these being said, you can look up user reviews and expert sites that share info on hair styling options for men.