Pedal to the People

Pedal to the People

Are you finding it inconvenient to take your bicycle to the nearest shop for a repair or service? Dealing with an unexpected breakdown? Have a bike you need to sell, not sure where to start? Bought a bike on-line and don’t know where to start when putting it together? These are just some of the reasons why customers call Pedal To The People.

Sometimes It may seem that bicycles are as expensive as cars! How can this be? Often the individual labor for parts will exceed the original cost of the bike. Yikes! I offer tune-ups as a way to give you the best value possible for your unique bicycle.

These “Entrees” are suitable for your two-wheeled friend who has been ridden thousands of miles, ridden regularly, in rain, snow or taken off road. These are great choices for those of you who have been “starving” your bike with less than regular maintenance.

These “less filling” choices will meet your needs if your riding friend has seen mostly fair-weather riding or has been parked out of service for some time.

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Your bike can be serviced at either of our two locations:

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2030 W. Hubbard                                  1048 W. 37th St.
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