Slawek Murawski

Slawek Murawski


Very often I ask myself the question: “Why do I feel the need and desire to create? Do the powers of creativity exist in every human being?” If so, when do those powers emerge and what is the strongest motive, impulse of creativity? Each human being is connected with a certain kind of Universe; he participates in the transmittal of its culture; and he creates it by perceiving, reading and listening in his own individual way. The creation of his own universe also means active participation in culture, in process o fits creativity by an effort to perceive masterpieces of art, and emotionally to experience the ideas and thoughts contained within it.

I experience creativity as a revel against reality, protest giving power to my own transforming for the reality. Kant says that creativity is the pain and joy of existence and is also an interior imperative of the human being.
In my subconsciousness I expect acceptance of my creativity and contact with other people on the basis of artistic performance. My works of sculpture give me the courage in the struggle with the vanquishing of material reality. It is also a kind of test of myself. In the moments when I reach calculable results it allows me to confirm my beliefs and it proves that I am right in my choice of a way of life.

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