The right way to use a flat iron


Every woman in this world wants a perfectly straight hair that is smooth and shiny. The reason why we are so obsessed with this popular hairstyle is that the majority of us have a wavy or curly hair that is difficult to style. Fortunately, thanks to a great invention called the flat iron, we can look great at any given moment of the day. Nevertheless, if you want a healthy hair you should follow some steps to ensure you don’t burn it.

Before straightening your hair, you need to prepare your hair in or to be certain that it ends up looking like it was styled in a salon. Various hair products along with grease, dust, and pollution, can make the hair frizzy and hard to handle.

So, always wash your hair thoroughly before using the flat iron. A clean hair is easier to work with and responds better to the heat of the straightener. In addition, the chances to ruin your hair for good are lowered when your hair is recently washed.

Because you’re going to apply a lot of heat, you need to wash it with a nourishing shampoo and add a conditioner afterward. This leaves your hair soft and untangled, ready for the flat iron. Under no circumstance use this type of tool on wet hair. Always make sure your hair is dry. If you can, leave it to rest for at least an hour before proceeding to use the straightener.


Now, let’s move on to the next step which consists of choosing the flat iron that is suitable for your hair type. You’ll be surprised to learn that there are so many brands and types of flat irons and the market that can make you feel uncertain. However, you need to examine your hair and see if you have dry, regular, or greasy hair. If you don’t opt for the right product, you can damage your hair severely.

Try to get one that features a ceramic coating. Besides the extra shine, this kind of straightener is incredibly gentle with your hair and can be used on a regular basis without having to worry about dried or bristle hair. Next, purchase a styling tool that comes with the perfect size for your hair lengths. A wider iron is great for long hair while a thinner one works great on short hair.

After you’ve washed your hair, blow-dry it and use a comb to detangle the hairs. Then, apply a heat protection spray on the entire length of your hair but avoid the root area. If you apply serums or conditioner onto the root your hair will look all greasy the next day.

Grab pins and divide your hair into layers. Plug in the flat iron and choose a temperature appropriate for your hair. It’s vital that you read the manual guide and follow the instructions. Straighten the hair one strand at the time. Once the styling process is done, you can apply a hydrating oil like coconut or argan oil and rub it gently.